Sparky is busy working on the 2018 calendar.

I realized I haven’t looked at a calendar since I arrived here. Every day is filled with laughs and playtime, it really doesn’t matter what day it is.

Sparky is the best kind of leader. He does his job and trusts everyone is doing their best.

Every morning Sparky plays catch with Lola. She claps! He laughs and tosses her another one. I told Puddles their morning ritual would be a great little kids book. She has been taking pictures of Lola every day.  They tell the story without my words, but I wrote a few anyway.


It snowed! We made a snowman before it melted! Caesar, of course, made everyone laugh as he added an arm to our masterpiece.  Oh, that’s Clown Kitty and Amos in the photo.  Good thing Clown Kitty plucked Amos’s hat off his head.