It was spring when I arrived in Hamsterdam Falls and now our first book has been published. I would tell you more about our books and posters but I don’t want to.  I can’t wait to tell you about the best holiday surprise I had today!

Shy Anne has been my favorite furson. We play ball, go swimming and we laugh all the time. She also teaches little Hairballz manners and how to read.


When I was a pup I had a sister. Mom would read us stories. Before bedtime I would tell Chey my version of the story.   Goldilocks stayed with the three bears and in the winter while they slept a deep sleep, she would dress them in pajamas and wake up baby bear to play house with her. Baby bear dressed Dada bear in Mama’s dresses.  We would laugh ourselves to sleep.

I keep a picture of us in my backpack.  I showed it to Sparky and told him Cheyenne left home to go away to school.  I often wondered if I would ever see her again.  Sparky smiled and left the room.


He returned and said “It’s hard to see how someone spells their name.”  Sparky is very nice.  And he was right! Sparky is always right! Shy Anne is Cheyenne. I couldn’t wait to tell her!  I found my sister!  I found my sister!  She knew, but wanted me to figure it out for myself.


P.S.  I had to do this to make her stop laughing.  Of course Puddles took pictures and Lola says “Hey Bro.” when she sees me. Every day when I think I’ve had the best day ever, I wake up and have an even better one! I love life as a Hairball.


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