Vintage wooden deck table over retro wallpaper with note paper
Art B. Smart.  It is really my name. I’m with Joey, the giggly hamster. He’s a good cook.

This picture of me was taken the first time I visited Hairballz.

I wrote a blog my very first night and Purresident Sparky loved it! He asked me to write books for Hairball Designz. How could I say no? The first book was supposed to be about Purresident Sparky, but instead it’s the story of how I came to be a Hairball.


That’s Lola in the doghouse.  She thought because she was featured on the cover, the book was about her. She makes me laugh.

Lola is too funny!  We were all playing hide and go seek. She hid in a box with her favorite carrot toy.  Her carrot must have gotten bored and jumped out.  We heard Joey giggling and everyone came out to watch the wiggle-waddle-walking box. There was Lola, pretending to be invisible while retrieving her carrot!


As Sparky likes to say, “That’s all for today, now go out and play!”

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